January 27, 2013

Long Snapping Lesson with Jordan Winegar and Travis Shackleton

Sunday Jan 27th I was able to meet up with freshman long snapper from St. Croix Central High School Jordan Winegar, and Senior long snapper from Baldwin-Woodville High School Travis Shackleton.

Jordan just started attending long snapping lessons last month while Travis has been a student of Special Teams University for 4 years.

Travis was one of my very first students. When I first got started coaching long snappers, the head coach at Baldwin-Woodville High School brought me in to work with a handful of young men that he thought would be good candidates to be his long snappers.

January 22, 2013

Long Snapping at the Kicking Pow Wow

Monday January 21st I was able to team up with Husted Kicking Coach Brady Beeson to put on a kicking tournament. The idea behind this was to get guys in one place and have some fun while doing a little competition for some prizes.

Brady was able to get some high caliber kickers from the high school level all the way to the arena football level. I was able to bring in 3 of my best long snappers to snap for these guys during their competition.

Since this was just for fun I didn't do a lot of coaching, but I was able to observe some things that I will be able to apply at our next long snapping lesson with all three guys that attended.

January 17, 2013

Long Snapping Lesson with Nick Clements

Today I had a long snapping lesson with Nick Clements who just recently got back with his tryout with the Nebraska Danger, an arena football team. Nick snapped very well and we will hopefully hear back from them soon.

Nick has decided that he not only wants to give arena football a try, but he wants to try and snap at the highest level he can. Nick has a long way to go but is very determined and works hard.

My first time meeting Nick was at camp this past December. During his charting, his snaps were averaging 1 second back to the punter at 15 yards and were all over the place. Obviously this is not ideal... Over the past month Nick and I have refined his snapping through long snapping lessons and he has now brought his snap time down to .88 seconds along with boosting his accuracy.

January 13, 2013

Long Snapping Lessons with Nick Neumann and Jordan Winegar

Today I had a long snapping lesson with Jordan Winegar and Nick Neumann. Nick is from Inver Grove Heights Minnesota, Jordan is from Hammond Wisconsin, both are going to be freshman in high school.

Jordan attended long snapping camp on Dec 29th but this was my first lesson with both students. We started today very basic working on proper hand position and how to properly release the ball to get a tight spiral.

January 12, 2013

Ohio State Long Snapper Takes Long Snapping Lessons From Special Teams University

In January of 2011 I got a friend request from a long snapper at Ohio State University. This snapper was Tom Heffelfinger.

Tom is a very hard working long snapper who is undersized in stature, but not undersized in effort and ability. As soon as I accepted that request I started getting messages from him. Asking questions about long snapping, how to improve, how to become better.

Even though he was on the Ohio State football team, he was not the starter and very much wanted to get on the field. What started as tips here and there turned into full on virtual long snapping lessons.

Tom would send me film what felt like every week! Every clip of film he sent I could see how determined he was to get better. As you may know I would rather have a student that is the most determined and has a lot of heart over a student that just has raw talent. I know the long snapper with heart will work harder for what he wants.
Tom's form before we started working. The ball is beneath his head and he is really low with his hips.
Tom was obviously good enough of a long snapper to make it onto the Ohio State football team, but there were things I saw in his form that could be corrected.

January 10, 2013

Long Snapping Lesson with Nick Clements

Today was the 3rd lesson between Nick and I. Nick has a tryout with the Nebraska Danger of the IFL this Saturday and came to me to work on his short snapping on his way down there.

When I first met Nick his short snaps were fairly accurate, but they lacked speed and consistency. Today we worked on how to be more consistent, speed, accuracy, and situations. We started with the usual warm up and like always drilled tight wrists and fast hands.

We then moved into making some slight adjustments to his short snapping form. Nick was using almost 100% upper body so we talked about using the legs slightly to gain a little extra speed on the ball. This is what I do and found that it helps me when switching between the two snaps, it takes them from being two completely different forms and gives them some common ground while giving me a little extra pop with the ball.

After drilling this new form for a little while I could tell Nick's ball was coming back faster, with a tighter spiral, and more consistent!

While Nick's snaps were looking a lot better I decided to start throwing some different scenarios at him. If you are a long snapper you know that the scenario is not always the same.

Sometimes you have to rush, and sometimes you have to break your routine. While working some of these scenarios we ran into some difficulties that were used as great teaching/learning moments! We fixed things like not changing his routine when being rushed, and what to do in a loud stadium when you cannot rely on hearing a set call alone.

January 8, 2013

Special Teams University Long Snapping Lesson with Nick Clements

Today I met up with Nick Clements (former College of St.Scholastica long snapper) for our 2nd private long snapping lesson. Last week we really focused on leg drive and the proper positions to be in while long snapping.

This week we took it a little further and really fine tuned some things. The more a student progresses with their overall form the more I can pick out smaller and smaller details to focus on to help them become a great long snapper!

January 6, 2013

Long Snapping Lesson with James Ring and Nick Clements

Jan 6th 2013 was my first lesson of the new year which I have a feeling is going to be a great year for my long snapping students and myself! I have been working with James Ring for a few weeks now and he has been progressing nicely.

Nick Clements is a new student who I first worked with at our Dec 29th camp in Vadnais Heights MN. Nick is a post college long snapper who played for St. Scholastica in Duluth MN. He has had a few arena football tryouts but wants to enhance his long snapping in hopes that it will help him latch onto a team.